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Duplicate Descriptions

Work on new search option in student desk 2
Change course description box content 3
Testing vegetation step on the website 2
Integrate both versions in one project 2
Change doctors section data 3
Add E-Namad script to the footer 2
Design single search result page 2
Create generated build of the project in all 3 versions 2
Enable right click Open in New tab feature 2
Work on feedbacks 6
Change header style 2
Work on feedbacks on responsive version 7
Testing changes on dev server 3
Rebuild slider in products and services single page 5
Work on feedbacks on English version 2
Work on switch languages challenge 3
Change .env based on languages 2
Change api request order 2
Work on design feedbacks 4
Work on feedbacks on cart table 2
Work on feedbacks on single product page 2
Change meta title 2
Meeting with Mrs.Aryadoust about updates 2
Work on style - English Version 2
Add contents to A Secure Start page - English Version 2
Change images of products 2
Replace Arabic content in the template 2
End day report 2
Implement search feature in header 2
Trying to solve map marker challenge 2
R&D about leaflet 2
Add "My addresses" section to the profile 2